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I believe in lifelong learning and have a passion for leadership.

Since a young age I have been in environments that required bringing people together. Inspiring and empowering all around to reach a common goal. For some reason, I always gravitated and found myself in these leadership roles.

Although most of my formal leadership training and experience came through being an officer in the Army, I have learned equally as much through other life experiences such as working on a farm as a 15-year-old and working at a fast-food restaurant as I finished high-school. In fact, being a father and a spouse has taught me so much more about leadership than I could have ever imagined. My two wonderful children teach me something new everyday about how to show up, how to care, and how to lead.

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Leave your leaders feeling equipped and capable to create effective team environments, where trust is strong and people are happier and more fulfilled at work.


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A fresh perspective to leadership

“You exist for them; they do not exist for you”

Three Universal leadership principles we all need to hold dearly, two leadership questions we should ask periodically, and one thought to ponder.

Are You Irrelevant Yet?

The question any leader must answer with ‘Yes’.

Maximise talent by encouraging leaders to become more irrelevant by trusting, delegating, and empowering those around them. Powerful storytelling combined with practical and simple lessons, learned across countries, continents, and cultures.

Sales Redefined

Seeking Meaning Over Transactions.

Elevate your business by making a bigger impact, gaining more clients and closing more deals.

Powerful storytelling combined with practical and simple lessons, learned across countries, continents, and cultures.

Crafting Leaders of Impact

  • Powerful and engaging storytelling, the delivery of his message will captivate your audience.
  • Unique and broad experiences that his brings to life and bridges to ensure his messages are relevant to your audience.
  • Tailored approach. Phil takes time to learn about your organization and customize his message.
  • Vulnerable and real. Phil doesn’t pretend he’s an expert, instead he shares through a lens of failure – his own failures.
  • Emotional connection. Phil’s powerful stories and the way he shares them create an emotional connection with his audience, ensuring his keynote will have a lasting impact.

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Empower your audience with transformative insights that will drive growth, ignite inspiration, and leave a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives.

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The Irrelevant Leader Book

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Challenging conventional notions of leadership in the modern world.

In a time where leadership models are constantly evolving, this thought-provoking book will offer a fresh perspective on what it means to lead effectively. “The Irrelevant Leader” is a timely guide for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of contemporary leadership and emerge as a more influential and adaptive figure in their organization or community.

The future is built on

Not stale, corporate management training dressed as leadership. But real leadership.